Wednesday, 29 October 2014

There are no ugly women...

Today I woke up really, really late and whilst I was under the shower I remembered this sentence I read many many years ago:

I never leave home without make up and actually, a couple of times I dared to do so (reason: empty fridge + Sunday morning = Supermarket) I always had to meet a chatty colleague at the grocery stand!! VERY embarrassing!!

Not only that they see me out of the working environment but without makeup..............that's a no go! After all, one has a reputation to keep!.

I know that many men insist on saying that they prefer us with clean faces, however I never believed that simplicity statement. I just feel ugly without make up, sorry.

I'm a makeup junkie.  

Call me superficial, but when I meet my best friend and see her without a hint of makeup or mascara or even gloss on her lips..........I feel sorry for her.

Okay, okay, her excuse are her two kids, however, I wonder how long do you need to put some mascara on and lipstick?!

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe, when I'm a mum I don't care anymore about looking pretty and maybe I give up all this beauty insanity BUT for the moment I am determined, I need 10 min a day for my beauty ritual! 

PS> it took me exactly 15 min to get ready this morning, including shower, dressing,  make up and teeth brushing. Not bad, huh?


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